Joel 2:1 “Blow the trumpet in Zion (Delmarva), sound the alarm on My holy hill”

Prayer Team Leaders

Pamela Hoffman


Married to Mike Hoffman , 

resides in Delmar, Md 

Two daughters, three grandchildren. 

Attends Bethesda UMC and Live Alive Churches in Salisbury, Md. 

Praying in our towns

These ladies have a calling and a passion to pray for our Eastern Shore.

Pam and Kat schedule days to pray in the towns on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland. On site to FIGHT and declare war on the enemy! We believe in spiritual warfare like the bible teaches. EPH 6:12

see prayer calendar to join us...

Kat Dykes


Married to Bill Dykes,

resides in Fruitland, Md.

Two daughters, two grandchildren.

Attends Allen Memorial Baptist Church in Salisbury, Md.

Celeste Miller


Kathy Sturgis


Phylis Lynch


Crystal Miles



Kingdom Strong was a vision of Howard Drewer. Local churches meet monthly on the Govt. Bldg. steps to pray for our city of Salisbury. Join CCRM June 1, 2019

Joy Fothergill