Joel 2:1 “Blow the trumpet in Zion (Delmarva), sound the alarm on My holy hill”

CCRM Team Members/Volunteers


Ken Helton

 McKenzie Helton

 Steve Schweikert

  Jeannie Schweikert

Ashley Barthman

Joy Fothergill

Rachael McGee

Jenna Ruffo

Angie Nelson

Pat Feeney

Mike Hoffman

Mike Davis

Frank Sturgis


Pamela Hoffman

 Candy Davis

Crystal Miles

Celeste Miller

 Terri Hornfeck 

Jessie Beach

Liz Day

Jason Barthman

Kathy Sturgis

Vanessa Kelley

Melissa Mattie



Kat Dykes 

Phylis Lynch

Brett Buchlar - SHOFAR

Krista Baker

John Karigo

Steve Karigo

TEAM Expectations

  • Be a born-again bible believing / living/ authentic Christian.

Galations 5:22 NIV "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness."

  • Be an active advocate and ambassador for the values, mission and vision of Clarion Call Restoration Ministries (CCRM) 
  • Regularly attend meetings.
  • Prepare for these meetingsby reviewing the agenda sent via email prior to meeting.
  • Keep informed about CCRM, its issues, and its connection to the community.
  • Work in partnership and respect the authority of the CCRM leadership staff.
  • Agree to step down from team if unable to fulfill these expectations. 




Wicomico County Health Dept.  hosted their first Opioid Awareness Day in 2018. CCRM is a partner on their steering committee.  Look for us there Aug 9, 2019  Details in our Calendar


Wicomico County's community partners meet monthly to hear updates. These teams are set up in each of Maryland's 24 jurisdictions and led by the emergency manager and health officer. They are multi-agency coordination bodies that coorordinate with the community, and complement and intergate with the statewide opioid response effort. response plan. We are grateful to be a part of this team.

Opioid Intervention Team: Contact Information (Lower Shore Counties)

Dorchester County

Caroline County -

Somerset County -

Talbot County -

Wicomico County

Worcester County/Ocean City -


CCRM is a ministry that also helps in the worst case scenario.  We have assisted with food, flowers, and even planned a memorial service for a loved one lost to addiction. There are instances where the family member doesn't know where to turn to for help with such planning. We are  there for them in any way we can help.


Clarion Call Restoration Ministries (CCRM) has partnered with Wicomico Day School in 2018/2019 school year. Organized by one of our team members and teacher at the school, Jeannie Schweikert. The students parents so graciously donated items needed for HOPE BAGS. These HOPE BAGS are given to homeless addicts, addicts going into recovery, and sometimes addicts going into halfway housing after rehab is completed. The bags contain items such as: deodorant, wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, socks, our contact information, gospel of John.