Clarion Call to Pray - Battle Against Addiction

Our Guest Speaker on March 17, 2018 ( OUR FIRST EVENT)

Sheriff Joe Gamble, a humble man, became a local hero when he brought his community together by shining a light on the opioid epidemic . The campaign was called "Talbot Goes Purple". He gained respect when he successfully joined local businesses, churches, schools, law enforcement, politicians toward the goal of eradicating the drug epidemic in Talbot County. Wicomico County,  Sheriff  Mike Lewis introduced Sheriff Joe Gamble. We were fortunate to have our law enforcement on the Shore represent call to battle against addiction. 

Below are some of the pictures from this event. Testimonies, prayer, and worship. Representation from Talbot , Worcester, Wicomico, Sussex, Queen Annes, Dorchester, and Sommerset Counties were present and prayed for their county. There was a short teaching on Spiritual Warfare, The sounding of the "shofar", and a speaker who educated us on the horrors of human trafficking , and how it's HERE on our Shore and tied to the drug culture.

 After intermission there was a powerful Warfare Song proclaiming our authority in Jesus to take down the strongholds over our communities on the Eastern Shore.

Many local resources for drug addiction/recovery programs, etc.  were set up during the event. Next time we need to allow MORE time to wander the tables. We had a wonderful turnout for our first time.

It was a powerful night.

Randy and Barbara Walter/ Local authors

The authors of  "Name Your Gates and Take back Your Cities", This is an activation manual to focus our prayers to claim territory for the kingdom of God. This is key to pray for those in bondage in addiction who live on our Eastern Shore. They live on the Maryland's Eastern Shore where they conduct Shiloh Ministries and the Chesapeake Revival Prayer Network. This is their seventh book. Our team has handed out many of their books. 

Randy Walter on March 17, 2018